I started out as a copywriter and trained under the toughest bosses in the industry.

“Write short sentences. My CD urged.

“Write the way you would speak,” his demanding ex-copywriter wife turned businesswoman said.

All this happened at a time when long copy ruled and the rulebook on ‘propah english’ writing was being thrown out of the window by avant-garde admen and women.

Note: There were rules on how to break the rules, but more about that later.

If he didn’t like what I wrote,  he made paper planes with the typewritten sheets and sailed them out of the office’s 6th-floor window. His big boss wife was made of sterner stuff. She used a big fat red ink pen to lash out at my copy, circle the smallest copy error and stab away unnecessary words. Then that same pen was used to wave me out to re-write everything from the start.

Years later, I too trained eager-eyed writers but was never as cruel.

My team of writers is small. And no copy goes out until I have used ctrl x, ctrl v, the delete button, and almost the entire keyboard for the final polish.

Specialist writing for different types of clients

Writing for IT companies

Leaflets for NIIT technologies to DMs for Microsoft, we have done it all and more.

Food and eating places

Selling hot jalebis on a cold winter day is not very different from selling gourmet fare to a connoisseur. Its all about making your target audience’s mouth water. And we sure know how to do that.

Automobiles and Engineering

Selling a car or a motorbike takes knowledge of special style of jargon. One that appeals to the man who is buying his machine.

Fashion and makeup

Creating a look and feel for a brand happens only when the writer is as passionate about the subject as you are. Try out our copywriters here.

Travel and tourism

Getting your reader to journey to far off lands without enough knowledge is impossible. Making them yearn for that experience is easy when you have the right words.

White goods

Washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and sandwich makers. What makes a buyer choose one brand over the other? A skilled copywriter works with human insights to put the right appeal forward.