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Alpna Manchanda

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Are you a Digital Marketing Firefighter or Survivor?

The Corona Virus has everyone running for cover. Important events and conferences have been canceled or postponed, offices are shutting down. Social distancing and isolation is the new buzzword. And the shops have run out of hand sanitizer.

Businesses are shifting their focus to Digital Marketing in these times of Covid19. giving fresh impetus to activities like lead generation and sales.

The Virus Viral.

Almost everyone I know is glued to their cellphones and tuned in to every Corona related WhatsApp message. Then they either diss it or forward it.

There are facts, jokes, rumors, rumors that become jokes, jokes that turn into reality, doctors advise WHO advise, UNICEF advise and Unicef with the wrong logo advise…

Here are just 2 WhatsApp messages that I found very clever.

Movie poster        Amul ad, in time of Corona

One is a clever joke and the other is an Ad.  It just goes to show that the right response at the right time is going to be heard and appreciated.

Everyone’s response at this critical time is different. The Survivors have barricaded themselves into work from home scenarios. The Thrivers, in contrast, have embraced the situation and rather than running away from the fire have run towards it.

The market is now once again flooded with hand sanitizers. The labels are sketchy. the ingredients are unlisted – but they are selling like hotcakes because someone had the presence of mind to run towards the metaphorical fire and douse its flames with a freshly mixed batch of Isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera gel.

Bloggers say traffic is down in some categories like travel, work-related, tech, and even online shopping. To mitigate the effects of this many of them are offering their high-priced tutorials for free. Others are putting their money where the viewers have moved, namely Facebook and other social media. As  Rover Mann has explained – one of their client’s traffic is down on their blog but as they are running FB ads their conversion for the products increased because people are spending more time on FB.

The world as we know it has changed almost overnight. The survivors are seeking shelter. But thank god for the Firemen. They will lead us to explore new opportunities. Are you ready to follow?

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