Retargetting. Its not all that its hyped up to be.

Retargetting. Its not what its hyped up to be

I have a confession to make. A lot of my browsing on the net is online shopping. I put loads of stuff in my virtual basket and there it lies until it goes out of stock. Never to be actually ordered or paid for.  It could be books, pottery, paintings, books, cotton kurtas, silver earrings, […]

Are you a Digital Marketing Firefighter or Survivor?


The Corona Virus has everyone running for cover. Important events and conferences have been canceled or postponed, offices are shutting down. Social distancing and isolation is the new buzzword. And the shops have run out of hand sanitizer. Businesses are shifting their focus to Digital Marketing in these times of Covid19. giving fresh impetus to […]

Holi Ads

Holi ads

If you’re looking to see festival ads that either break the norm or show the festival in a new light, don’t look here. Cliches are alive and prancing with pichkaris this Holi season. Even Google could not resist splashes of color this Holi.  So if you type Holi on Google search you see a small […]

Women’s Day posts and whatsapp forwards

Women's Day Ads

Back in the day, earnest eyed clients would adjust their halos and plan last-minute Women’s Day ads. Let’s do something to ‘honor women’ was the Brief. And I cringe to think that I didn’t storm into their open office spaces or their cheesily named meeting rooms and tear down their notions of paying lip service. […]

Christmas Ad – at last Santa changes his mindset

Christmas Advertising

Yes, Christmas 2019 has come and gone and we are already well into the new year, but till now I had not seen a Xmas Ad that I really liked. But then I saw 2 that reached out and really pulled at the heartstrings. 1. The Christmas ad with a kinder Santa I chanced upon […]

When brands move away from product talk – they get everyone talking

cause related advertising

Here is my take on cause related advertising. Some would argue that if your brand shaves hair – your communication should remain in that zone. Just because most men use razors, the razor company’s communication should stay in the zone of hair, men, and quality of the shave. Evolved marketers and ad agencies have ventured […]

Ads that encourage eve teasing

An ad that objectifies women and promotes eve teasing

Language has changed. And although print, radio, and TV beep out the more crass words, people do not. Conversations are littered with MC, BC, F(Beeeeeep) and worse. With little or no governance channels like Youtube have limited censorship. But what comes out of your mouth is what is on your mind and you are at […]

My favourite Diwali Ads this year

Best Diwali Ads

Syrupy sweet Diwali ads re-inforcing stereotypes have their place in the market. But every once in a while you see a commercial that has an insight that goes a little deeper and a mission that is bigger than the product. This year, it was the work done for financial institutions that caught my eye and […]

What I would like to tell aspiring creative persons in advertising

What I would like to tell aspiring creatives

JWT as we knew it is gone. But if the traditional big agencies are dying it doesn’t mean advertising is dying too. The fiats and ambassadors of yesterday have been replaced by smarter models that work better for the clients of today. Schbang, Glitch, Merkle Sokrati, and our homegrown Webchutney are pulling in the clients.  […]