The benefits of hiring a consultant vs. hiring an agency

Consultant vs Agency

A potential client asked me what are ‘the benefits of hiring a consultant vs. hiring an agency? I decided to create a list and send it to him. I got the assignment and so have decided to formalize my list and put it out there for others to use. But first a short background. I […]

How to hire a freelancer

How to find the right freelancer

When I was working at Agencies – to hire a freelancer was not always a pleasant experience. So many of them promised one thing and delivered another. But then there were also those freelancers who made work a breeze. They understood the brief and delivered on deadlines. Now I sit on the other side of […]

Gurugram Aunty gets Rapped

So one Gurugram based aunty first slut shamed a young girl for wearing a short dress and then clutched on to a couple of yellow smiley cushions as she was chased through a department store by the same bunch of girls whom she tried to police with her narrow-minded vision. While watching the eye-witness video […]

Of razor wire boundary walls and vocational training

Someone stole my son’s bicycle from our back yard. We responded by cementing bits of broken glass on the back wall. Now no one could jump in from there. And we thought we were safe. A couple of months later an intruder sneaked into the house help’s room. He turned her room upside down and […]

Can advertising move into the art gallery please

Creativity and success go hand in hand in successful advertising. copywriters and creative teams need to understand this. Freelancers often give up on creativity for the sake of assignments. Get inspired and give advertising creativity the attention it deserves.

“Your son is an actor! But what does he do for a living?” My answer – “He acts” “You know it’s all very well to let him follow his passion and all that – but you know not everyone becomes a Shahrukh Khan.” My answer – “Your child works for an MNC, will he be […]