Gurugram Aunty gets Rapped

So one Gurugram based aunty first slut shamed a young girl for wearing a short dress and then clutched on to a couple of yellow smiley cushions as she was chased through a department store by the same bunch of girls whom she tried to police with her narrow-minded vision.

While watching the eye-witness video I couldn’t take my eyes off those yellow cushions and was distracted enough to miss bits of the conversation – but I did catch the general drift.

Auntyji told a girl off for wearing short clothes and equated it with an open invitation to get raped. She then compounded her colossal stupidity by inviting bystander men to rape her.

The girl and her friends then chased aunty through a shop (that sells smiley cushions) asking for an apology.

Clutching her cushions the aunty ran down one aisle, then another, as the young girls chased after her demanding that apology. Then before you knew it a bystander mother had added her voice to the scene. And that my dear friends is when the protesting ladies lost the plot. I heard sentences like – ‘my daughter can walk on the street in her swimming costume,’ …’she has a body so she can flaunt it,’ and worse. ‘You don’t have the body’, ‘look at you’…

This morning’s paper says that Auntyji has apologised for her behaviour and her words. So while this whole episode goes viral is anyone asking the right questions. Where do we draw the line for decency? If everyone has a different line and we are supposed to keep our opinions to ourselves, should Auntyji’s girth have been introduced into the conversation? And most importantly, did aunty finally buy those cushions? And if yes, will she display them in her house? A grim reminder of the day she should have kept her opinion to herself. Or a happy reminder of the day she was forced to think beyond her conditioned responses.