Holi ads
Holi Ads

If you’re looking to see festival ads that either break the norm or show the festival in a new light, don’t look here. Cliches are alive and prancing with pichkaris this Holi season.

Even Google could not resist splashes of color this Holi.  So if you type Holi on Google search you see a small icon of Gulal. Clicking on the icon turns your cursor into a clickable color splasher. Your cursor doesn’t turn into a pichkari. The splashes of color do not look like they are made with the gulal you just picked. And you realize that even the gods at Google can get lazy every once in a while.

Google's Holi screen
Google’s Holi screen

Then there was the National Integration message that although well-intentioned (I hope) managed to tick all the boxes on what not to do to reinforce gender stereotypes. And while we are at it – religious stereotypes too.

Angry Muslim man, subservient and fearful Muslim wife looking to her ‘shohar’ for validation. The orange and green… black and white…I could go on and on. Actually I don’t think this is even an ad. But whatever it is, I suppose you could call it well-intentioned made by the biased and that is saying something.