Holi Ads

Holi ads

If you’re looking to see festival ads that either break the norm or show the festival in a new light, don’t look here. Cliches are alive and prancing with pichkaris this Holi season. Even Google could not resist splashes of color this Holi.  So if you type Holi on Google search you see a small […]

Women’s Day posts and whatsapp forwards

Women's Day Ads

Back in the day, earnest eyed clients would adjust their halos and plan last-minute Women’s Day ads. Let’s do something to ‘honor women’ was the Brief. And I cringe to think that I didn’t storm into their open office spaces or their cheesily named meeting rooms and tear down their notions of paying lip service. […]

When brands move away from product talk – they get everyone talking

cause related advertising

Here is my take on cause related advertising. Some would argue that if your brand shaves hair – your communication should remain in that zone. Just because most men use razors, the razor company’s communication should stay in the zone of hair, men, and quality of the shave. Evolved marketers and ad agencies have ventured […]

Ads that encourage eve teasing

An ad that objectifies women and promotes eve teasing

Language has changed. And although print, radio, and TV beep out the more crass words, people do not. Conversations are littered with MC, BC, F(Beeeeeep) and worse. With little or no governance channels like Youtube have limited censorship. But what comes out of your mouth is what is on your mind and you are at […]

Gurugram Aunty gets Rapped

So one Gurugram based aunty first slut shamed a young girl for wearing a short dress and then clutched on to a couple of yellow smiley cushions as she was chased through a department store by the same bunch of girls whom she tried to police with her narrow-minded vision. While watching the eye-witness video […]

Of razor wire boundary walls and vocational training

Someone stole my son’s bicycle from our back yard. We responded by cementing bits of broken glass on the back wall. Now no one could jump in from there. And we thought we were safe. A couple of months later an intruder sneaked into the house help’s room. He turned her room upside down and […]