Best Diwali Ads
My favourite Diwali Ads this year

Syrupy sweet Diwali ads re-inforcing stereotypes have their place in the market. But every once in a while you see a commercial that has an insight that goes a little deeper and a mission that is bigger than the product.

This year, it was the work done for financial institutions that caught my eye and created that small voice or regret (yeah! I have managed to almost kill that green-eyed monster) that murmured – why didn’t I ever get to work on such a project.

Diwali unboxing with Chintu by Bajaj Allianz

So, without further ado: My favourite was Bajaj Allianz. The kid is cute and you feel sorry for him and his ilk. Is he an actor or a real child laborer? I have no idea. His performance is real.

The Brand is sending out a powerful message. But will their CSR department follow through by supporting a relevant NGO  that works towards rescuing and rehabilitating child laborers?

Even if this film is just lip service, if it strikes a chord with even 1 person who still believes in bursting crackers on Diwali, I guess its done its job.


Salary before Diwali by Axis Bank

The 2nd ad that I liked is less socially conscious but equally insightful. The evolved film-making adds just the right dose of humor.

There have been thousands of spoofs on popular Bollywood scenes. The fine mix of fantasy and honesty charms its way into your heart.

What I really appreciate is that no lofty public service message is attached to this communication. Axis Bank is not going all out to exploit social evils. They are simply using the right HR practices to keep employees happy. Many companies have done this in the past and many companies will do this in the future. But none of them will get as much attention because this charming little ad film has firmly put Axis Bank into the thought leader category.