Digital Advertising


Paid, earned and owned media. Find that magical hotspot that helps you achieve your specific goals. 


A smart digital strategy, calls for communication that grabs  attention and encourages the TG to respond the way you want them to.

Services Provided

Digital Communications Strategy

Strategy is the heart of any communications plan. Without a strategy, in place, anything we create is a shot in the dark. That may get ignored or worse send the wrong message to the very people we want to target.

Market research and data analysis are not enough. Complete analysis of the competition, insights about the TG and of course past experience are some of the other ingredients that go into formulating an appropriate strategy that will work for you.


Social Media Management

Everyone is on social media. IT executives, housewives, young adults, middle-aged professionals… their choice of social media and how they interact with it may vary. But each one of them has different expectations for it. 

The quality and style of your content will determine how your target group will interact with your product/service/idea.

How does one spark their interest and then get them to become loyalists? It takes lateral thinking, experience and of course great execution of ideas.

Content Creation

Content is not just a blog article. It is the entire information and conversation around your brand and/or product. To be effective, it needs to be of interest to your audiences, and they need to be motivated, or invested enough to engage with what you have to say.

The medium by which you reach your target groups, the style and language you speak, consistency of communication, and of course domain expertise play a huge role in building your brand and your products and services. 

So whether it’s a blog, a youtube channel or any other content creation platform, we have you covered.


Website Creation and Management

Your website is the first introduction to your organisation, products or services. It is also your brand ambassador and the keeper of all the information you want to share.

Making it visually appealing, instinctively navigable on any device, and most importantly optimised to help you stay ahead of the competition is vital.

To achieve all this get in touch today!


It has been said that people dont read ads. They read whatever they find interesting, and sometimes that’s an ad. 

For more years than I care to remember, I have been writing stuff for all types of companies and corporations. It’s never been easy, because no company sounds like me or uses the words I use. When I write copy for you, you sound like yourself. So whether its your website, your social media presence, your press ads or Podcasts, I can help you find your voice, and make it heard.


Integrated Ad Campaigns

At the heart of any campaign is the germ of an idea. It is up to us creative souls to turn it into a gem of an idea.  One that resonates with the Target group wherever it is seen – in the newspaper, a brochure, a social media post, a landing page on TV, or a podcast. 

So if you are looking to launch a campaign where each medium adds value to the overall communication and gets the job done, let’s talk.

Case Studies


Event management is labour intensive, unless you use event automation software. We created a fun series of Manga style memes to help convert event managers into event management Ninjas.

Sensodyne - Dealing with tooth sensitivity

We called the campaign #WakeUpToToothSensitivity - where we first helped people understand why they avoid cold, sweet things and then told them how to overcome this problem. Read how we democratised the problem of tooth sensitivity and educated millions about it.

- Microsoft Primer Font

We created a font that functions as an interactive teaching tool. Designed to teach children to identify and memorize the English alphabet, the font instantly turns any keyboard into an interactive teaching tool that visually adds meaning to each individual letter. Typing “A” or “a” shows up as an apple or airplane on your screen, “B” or “b” becomes a ball or banana, and so on.

Crocin for change - donate 5 minutes

The Crocin page on Facebook was getting limited traction from fans. The task was to encourage actions beyond likes and shares by making the the audience feel good about being associated with the brand.

#GoGorgeous campaign for Kellogg's Special K

Through contextual posters placed around high footfall spaces where people usually binge on unhealthy food, we talk to our audience about managing calories and taking the first steps towards living a fitter life.

Microsoft Office Tales

Office jargon is not the way Microsoft Office audiences interract with social media. We created a hugely impactful communication with simple words and attractive illustrations. What was fully on display however, was office politics and office fun.