KFC ad with Khali
Alpna Manchanda

Alpna Manchanda

Advertising Consultant, traveler,

The inimitable Khali. What a smart guy and what a good sport! And of course, what an Ad!

Have you seen Khali’s latest ad, I asked my son, as I thrust my phone under his nose to share the latest gem by Khali. He took one look and said “ya ya, it’s a cement ad about a wall that doesn’t break na” he relied.

“Just take a look,” I replied, hitting the play button.

What is the best thing about the Ad one would ask. It’s charming and it’s funny – yes it sure is. But more importantly – it reflects the Brand values of KFC so well. Celebrity endorsements often overshadow the brand or product they are selling. Not so much here. KFC continues to remain the hero of this piece of advertising.

If I wasn’t on an ‘eat healthy’ diet, I would be ordering this chicken burger asap.

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