Women's Day Ads
Women’s Day posts and whatsapp forwards

Back in the day, earnest eyed clients would adjust their halos and plan last-minute Women’s Day ads. Let’s do something to ‘honor women’ was the Brief. And I cringe to think that I didn’t storm into their open office spaces or their cheesily named meeting rooms and tear down their notions of paying lip service.

It was after all just another job and I was just another mediocre creative director who wanted to go home to my kids and family.

The artist pulled out curvy line drawings of floating women with wavy hair from some online stock image bank. And the copywriter went on google and searched for Women’s day sayings and there it was. The Women’s day facebook/instagram/linkedin post that was going to do nothing for women or for the brand.

A very gutsy artist once tried using turquoise blue instead of pink and it was trashed instantly. So, instead of getting home at 8 pm that night, he had to spend another few hours creating a new post in pink.

The next day, the Servicing person on the account reported that the post got a few thousand likes and a huge number of shares and I wondered. Who are these people who hit like and click share on something so insipid and meaningless?

This 2020 Women’s Day was no different. I woke up to dozens of inane curvy pink women line drawings on my Whatsapp. But refreshingly I got one smart video that actually said something sensible.

A simple message well told. And ‘thanks a dot’ for not dressing them up in pink.